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Beth Anne Ashley

My journey to DemoNOW Consulting, LLC

Product Specialist | Sales Support | PreSales Consultant | Solution Engineer | Software Solutions Advisor


​​Whatever you want to call it, I have been there and done that!


I have feverishly eaten meals within seconds in my car, attempted sleep onboard turbulent planes and barely caught my breath before entering the big conference room. I literally and figuratively have been eating, sleeping and breathing software presentations for the last 20 years.


The proverbial spotlight was a joy for me – dancing on stage and singing in chorus from a young age. So naturally when it came to speaking in public, I excelled. Many call me a talented storyteller whose charismatic personality and witty demeanor keep audiences engaged.


My software roots stem from Technical Training because only a system expert was allowed to present to a prospect back then.

I continue to teach today with an avid hunger for education within the world of webinars and virtual learning.


Throughout my tenure, I enjoyed every soft skills course we were required to attend. Especially the ones about presentation skills.

However, I recall asking the facilitator of a Sales Training one day, “This is great, but what should we show in our demo?”

To which he replied, “Well, you need to work with your Product Team for that.” Product Team? They don’t really talk to us... 

(I remember thinking) How are they going to help?? And so my frustration began.

There were seminars on Sales, Presentation Skills, Personality Traits and the like but nothing about HOW TO PRESENT YOUR PRODUCT! Nothing.

It is for this reason that I am passionate about applying innovative techniques to traditional presentation methods.

My focus areas are product messaging, solution consulting and customer relationship building.


As founder of DemoNOW Consulting, my goal is to empower technical presenters to transform ordinary software demonstrations

into engaging customer experiences.


Let me help you formulate a plan for your company’s specific demo blueprint.

Together, we can discover your personal strengths as a technical presenter and find fresh ideas for spicing up that bland product demo.


★ My mission is to help you present your best self! ★

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